Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Skiers stayed at the BDL

The Matchstick Productions came and stayed with us.
Clayton took them to some places for shooting. Here are some photos. Check them out!!

Sean Pettit

Jacob Wester

Sean, mute grab

Ayami with Jabob and Henrik

Clayton (trying to make a cool look) and Henrik

Kyohei with Jacob and Sean

We all were pleased to welcome those greatest athletes.
Thanks very much for coming, and we hope to see you guys again!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Burton Night Park Session at BDL on Jan.13th

On Jan. 13th, we had the Burton Night Park Session here.

Great Rodo Flip

Smooth Flat Spin

Starting point

The bar was completely packed!!

The day was really busy, and everybody was having fun.
When we were about to closed the session outside, the huge blizzard had hit us, and we had to wrap it up. The day after, the park was completely covered by snow, and we couldn't use it any more.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Incredible snow in March

Do you think that it doesn't really snow in March?
Here is the proof that you are wrong!!

Buried tunnel...

Dig Dig Dig

J-Rock, Sophie, Kyohei and Clayton went to Rusutsu to cruise in the deep pow and hit some pillows there. It was simply amazing!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Building the BDL park in December

Big machine blowing the snow

Big machine 2

Huge shovel car

Kris, shoveling

Koji and Tanner

Clayton, no more snow blower, will be a pram soon

It took us a couple of weeks to build the park. The small snow blowers were not powerful enough, so we hired massive machines.

Friday, March 19, 2010

This is how much it snowed in December!!

This was my car with a huge amount of snow on Dec. 17th

My car, with a nice creamy cap

There was no snow until around Dec. 15th and suddenly it started dumping all day long, and just after a couple of days it became like that. There wasn't many people yet on the slopes, so we had deeeeeeep fresh powder at that time.

Black Diamond Crew part.2

Koji and Akane

One-chan, the great chef of the Black Diamond Restaurant
Koji, the hyper happy guy
Ryota, Mr. Season Ender


Kris and Tanner, gnarly brothers

Black Diamond Crew part.1

Mr. Black Diamond, Clayton

Ayami (and scary Clayton behind)


Hitomi and Ken, snow lovers


The Black Diamond beloved dog, Bell is here.
She has the most photos among BDL staff, I'm sure I'll upload some more photos of her later.

Looking back at 09/10 season

Here the BDB (Black Diamond Blog) has started.

Let's start looking back at 09/10 season. We've had so much fun and a great time this season!!